Welcome to Symmetry Massage and Fitness, LLC

Symmetry's goal is to help restore your body's natural balance. We offer a variety of massage styles and techniques as well as custom fitness and diet programs tailored to each clients lifestyle and needs.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is able to enhance your health in a several important ways.  It increases circulation and the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body and aids the body’s natural processes of removing toxins, thereby improving delivery of oxygen and nutrients and promoting healing.  In addition, it relaxes tense muscles and softens restricted connective tissue – improving range of motion and reversing the chronic injury cycle. Massage also releases endorphins which the body relies on to help reduce pain, increase energy, and foster a sense of well-being.

What to expect

Whether you are coming in for a basic relaxation massage, specialty treatment, prescribed medical massage or a personal fitness session, we customize your time here to what is comfortable to you.  We uphold the highest level of professional conduct, and all patients/clients remain appropriately draped throughout their sessions here.  Our massage services can also be done through any level of clothing if preferred.  Your scheduled appointment will start on time and end leaving you a few minutes to change and freshen up before returning to your day.  We encourage you to focus on increased hydration both before and after any massage or exercise session.  Many of the services we offer can lead to some muscle soreness for 24-48 hours, and ‘flushing’ your body with water will minimize these effects (as well as promote a general increased level of health and vitality for your body).

We look forward to helping you achieve symmetry for your body!